Friday, May 07, 2010

noSQL databases

Ever wondered what databases power the likes of,, and Do you want to know more about alternatives to relational databases like Oracle and MySQL? Are you skeptical of the noSQL movement? Do you want to know if document-oriented databases perform as well as RDBMS?

Then my presenation on non-relational databases this Saturday 8th May 2010 is for you. Details are published on


Hussein Nasser said...

I always wondered what the databases those social network uses!

even what web development language they are using.

do you have a PPT version of your presentation? yours are OpenOffice

BuZain said...

Social networking websites like facebook, digg, and others are contributing a lot of code to open source projects like PHP, and noSQL databases. Cassandra, one of the leading noSQL databases was actually developed by facebook.

As for your request of a ppt version of the presentation, you can find it here

and here is a pdf version