Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mountain vs. Mountain

Mountain in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mountain in Muscat, Oman


Redbelt said...

I like the scotch one better.

BuZain said...

Funny enough, a British guy was with me when I took the mountain picture in Oman and he liked it more that mountains in his country :)

Redbelt said...

If you get too close, it spoils the illusion.
When you sit up close to the most beautiful woman in the world, you can see her imperfections.
Our mountains are that way, that is why we like theirs and they like ours.
Of course, if your "British" friend was English, it could be something else. :)

BuZain said...

@Redbelt, I read you.

And FYI, the British guy was actually Scottish :)