Friday, August 15, 2008

Beach vs. Beach

Beach in Muscat, Oman

Beach in Tubli, Bahrain


Cloud said...

I think that Bahrain have realised that its not providing any tourist attraction and therefore it started investing more in it.

(Lost paradise, ain adary, new malls, hotels ..etc)

BuZain said...

True, but none of these are as good as a god-given beach.

Jeremy Bicha said...

That's sad. Especially, since we're an island with plenty of sand to go around. And Bahrain seems to have a fair amount of money with all the construction going on. A 20mil BD ($55mil) library open about 30 hr/ week? Sure hope that's temporary, especially as it's close to my house. Not that they bother stocking that many English books despite more people speaking English here than Arabic. Oops, sorry for the rabbit trail.

I have yet to swim in the Gulf; Al Jazeera Beach is too far away.

Sameh Foulad said...

no comments :)