Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anatomy of a troubleshooting process

about 2 hours ago
Internet access is extremely slow. Anybody else is having the same problem?

about 1 hour ago
BTW, I'm on Batelco's 1mb ADSL service

about 1 hour ago
Batelco's DNS is screwed. is not resolved but is. Could it be something bigger, maybe root dns servers?

35 minutes ago
It's google's DNS. It's not responding. Try it with nslookup or dig and server

30 minutes ago
Nonetheless, internet speed is damn slow

26 minutes ago
gmail is also not accessible. What's going on?

22 minutes ago
got a google IP address,, from a web based nslookup service. Still not accessible. Could it be Batelco's proxy?

10 minutes ago
just used web proxy to successfully access it's definitely Batelco's problem.

5 minutes ago is back, is back. Speed is a little bit better. Batelco, what the heck happened?

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Zainal said...

3adeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...
5alha mastoora bro !!!