Sunday, July 01, 2007

Damn you terrorists!

I flew out of Glasgow Airport few hours before the burning car attack. I can't believe it!! I was standing inside the terminal in close proximity to the place the car burst into flames. I was looking at the monitors and waiting for my airline gate to open while Zain was playing beside me with her doll. The thought that my precious Zain and UmZain could have been there at the moment of the crash keeps haunting me since I heard the news earlier today.

Damn you terrorists! Killing me, my family, and loads of innocent people would have given you a free ticket to heaven, you say. I say to HELL all of you Islamic fanatics.


bint battuta said...

I'm glad you and your family are safe.

Shark Hunter said...

Alf hamdella 3la el salamah to you and to the family. God forbid anyone getting into this situation.

My cousin was 3 terminals away from the London underground bombings last year!

I would also say "To HELL with all terrorists"

Ayman said...

Salamt to you and the family. Glad to hear you are all Okay.

What is also a bad thing with all this crap is the aftermath that spreads to even a greater number of people. Heightened security, problems getting Visas, harassments, and anybody who is even remotely resembling a Muslim.

BuZain said...

thanks @BB, @SH, and @ayman for your kind feelings. The terminal was packed that day full of families with little children. I can't believe a sane person can direct such an outrageous act towards innocent people. God help us in an era of complete insanity.

Munther said...

Whoa ! That's freaky, &imdilla 3alla elsalama :) I wouldn't even call the Islamic man ! They don't deserve it ! Bloody, evil Fanatics is the proper label if you were to label such animals !

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I didn't realise! I am so glad that you and yours are safe.

Nothing brings the reality of terror to you other than close encounters like that. What these bozos are doing is nothing but driving Muslims away from Islam, let alone the impossibility of enticing others to enter it.

So with things as counter productive as this, why the hell are they continuing to do these acts of terror other than political gains?

I am glad that you are safe.

moodz said...

خطاك الشر يا بو زين، و ألف ألف الحمدلله على السلامة

I don't even know what to say, you see no matter how exposed we are to the horrors of terrorism no much we hear about it or see the torn bodies up on tv every other day. You always think, it's too far away, it can't happen to me nor to anyone I know. It is moments like those that make us realize none of us are immune to such attacks..

Once again, خطاكم السوء و دفعة بلة إنشاء الله :)