Monday, August 04, 2008

Casual Games: Gateway

Casual Games are the hottest commodities in video gaming industry nowadays and for a very simple reason that they appeal to everyone, especially non-hardcore gamers who enjoy passing time with a quick but challenging game on their mobile phones, PDAs, or iPods. Casual Games are easy to learn but hard to master which sounds like the holy grail of video gaming if you ask for my opinion. You actually find them even on gaming consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Microsoft XBox 360 which shows how appealing these kind of games are.

I found my 7 years old daughter Zain playing the old-but-gold game Snake on our Dreambox satellite receiver the other day! Casual games are played by everyone, everywhere, and for a good reason. They mean big bucks for the gaming industry, but more importantly for independent game developers who were crashed in recent years with the big gaming studios that spend millions of dollars in creating and marketing multi-platform games.

I would like to present to you an interesting game which is simple to learn and control, but extremely challenging. Gateway is a puzzle game in which you use your mouse to control a little robot through the gateways. The game starts with a simple interactive tutorial explaining how to move the robot and collect things and combine them to help you move forward. I love puzzle games. They are a great exercise for my rusty brain, and apparently a great money generator for Nintendo with their series of brain train games on the DS platform. Give it a shot and share your thoughts.

Happy gaming :)

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